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Short Game 101

Updated: Mar 21, 2022

Updated: Aug 7, 2021

As I mentioned in my earlier blog short game tends to be a very important but overlooked factor in golfing. Most golfers will only practice their irons and tend to skip or do only very little short game practice. However, when on the course, short game makes a lot of difference, it can mean the difference between a par or a triple bogey. So, let's get right into it! Putting 101:- i)Feet- It is ideal to always have your feet shoulder-width apart while putting. The ball should be placed slightly ahead in your stance It is extremely important to have your feet placed correctly and firmly on the ground because this is the base of the putt, however, the width of the stance can change from person to person ii) Posture- A good posture is essential for putting, take the example of any professional golfers, you will notice that all of them tend to stand upright and tall. Not only does this make one look comfortable but it is also easier on your lower back, as there’s no crouching. While it is important to stay upright, you should make sure that there is a slight flex in your knees, you should never lock your knees as this is not a natural position to stand in and would look weird but it would also be much more uncomfortable. iii) Wrist positioning- Now for the perfect putt swing, you would not want your wrist to bend. It’s best to keep your hands and wrist quite during your swing, you can have a small bend in your wrist but not too much. Chipping 101:- i)Weight position- The weight has got to be on your front foot because if its on your back foot the leading edge comes up. ii)Arm positioning: Ahead, your arms need to be ahead for chipping

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