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Tips to stay on top of your game

If you're anything like me, you're always always always browsing the internet looking for ways to reduce your handicap, drive longer or just improve your game in general. And who can blame you, golf is a tough game, it requires a very healthy and strong mindset and a considerably good physique. So, here's a compilation of few of the best tips I have come across, I hope it helps you out too!

  1. If affordable, taking golf lessons is always helpful

We can provide you with all the tips however in the end a coach would help most because they'd be able to analyze and give you customized tips based on your swing. However, if you cannot afford to have a coach, don't worry, as long as you have that burning passion to do well. You will always be able to, regardless of whatever obstacles you face.

2. Focus on the Basics

A lot of people tend to complicate this sport by doing a lot of swing thinking and just overthinking in general. To the point that they get worn out and begin getting bored. if you ever happen to wind up in this position, no worries. RETURN TO THE BASICS, check your ball position, stance, grip -then at that point make a casual swing.

Over-thinking makes strain, so know about your anxiety: Give your club a light shake at the address and attempt to take a smooth action off the ball. Nothing ruins your odds quicker than grabbing the club back.

3. Mental Training

Learn how to relax when you address the ball. Fear and stress can make your muscles tighten, shortening your swing and reducing swing power. Make a(serious and well-thought-out effort)to slow down when you get to the tee. Try deep breathing exercises to release tension.

See (in your mind)the successful result you want for each shot, even putts. See the flight of the ball, and where it will land.

Focus on the ball rather than on the dangers/risks that you are facing on the hole. Have a short memory.

Quickly put bad shots behind you, rather than assuming another bad shot is unavoidable. Learn how to play intelligently. Know your limits. If you are having trouble driving the ball straight that day, select a 3-wood or even a long iron on a tee where the fairway is narrow.

4. Make your time on the range count!

Have a pre-shot schedule that you go through when you play and attempt to hit each shot on the golf range utilizing this in everyday practice. It might expect you to move toward the ball from behind each time, do as such, make each shot on the practice range a significant exercise instead of simply hitting whatever number as could be expected under the circumstances and feeling defended in your work, recollect that smart work is usually more beneficial than hard work

Practice your distance control on the golf range. It is imperative that you know what distance you hit each of the clubs in your bag and use the distance targets on the golf range to do this.

Record what those distances are for every one of your clubs, they are something individual, and afterwards when you are on the fairway and you have a particular distance to the green your own distances will always help you out.


Improving your short game is basic to bring down your scores. The distinction between a decent golf player and a remarkable one frequently comes down to having the option to reliably get down in two strokes from off the green or from a bunker.

Next time you go out to practice, make sure you devote at least one-third of your time to working on your short game.

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